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Due to circumstances well beyond our control, The Everywhen 2022 event in the Mojave is postponing. When we set intentions to create an art-focused event, to bring artists into the spotlight and to build community and relationships around those ideas, we knew there would be hard days ahead. This day has been the hardest yet. Please know, we are absolutely in this for the long haul to make our dream of a sustainable system of support for art and artists come true. We have a value system in place to have certain minimums reached for a successful event: to deliver what is promised, fund artists, rich homestead experiences and an environment where tall tales and good jovial fun thrives. Have you seen the prices of gas, well, just about everything lately? We're all feeling the crunch.

Quality is not an act, it is a habit.

Postponing Mojave Beach was a decision that pulled at the Board of Directors' and collaborating partners' heartstrings. After all, we've been working on this production for the better part of the year.

"People are expecting a show at least as good as last year's," said Victor Wright, treasurer of the Everywhen Project.

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The final day to submit your choice is Monday, October 31st by 11 PM Pacific. All ticket-holders who have not responded by then will have their tickets converted to admission to Constellation City 2023.

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